The clock is ticking. Whether it’s corona, climate change, or transforming the world of work, tackling societal challenges requires researchers and politicians to work together constructively. But for this to happen, we need not only politicians who know a thing or two about the sciences but also researchers who know their way around politics.

Yet in reality, most scientists are political laypeople. When they are drawn into political debates, they often put their foot in their mouth, can be either overzealous or timid, may come across as narrow-minded, or may unintentionally allow themselves to be instrumentalised. This serves neither politics nor science. 

How can we tackle societal challenges if those involved in politics and the sciences constantly talk past each other?

We make sure that those involved in politics and the sciences understand each other.

The Franxini Project helps scientists improve both their political and scientific competencies so they can more effectively contribute to shaping changes and institutions that benefit society as a whole.

Our Vision

We envision a society in which stakeholders from politics and the sciences work together to effectively tackle societal challenges. Thanks to the political commitment of researchers from all disciplines, science-based ideas contribute to effective solutions that benefit society as a whole.

Our Supporters

What We Offer

Policy Innovation Hub

Our Policy Innovation Hub is where innovative methods meet highly committed people from all corners of Switzerland. In our participatory development programme, we link scientific ideas with policy measures and get them to take off.

 Politics Boot Camp

No push-ups, but a lot of political know-how. Our Politics Boot Camp whips researchers into shape for Swiss politics. During our intensive training sessions, researchers learn the basics of the Swiss political system and find out where and how they can get involved.

Polity Hive 

Our buzzing Polity Hive is the place where people interact with institutions. At our Polity Hive events, people from politics, the sciences, and other areas of society meet to exchange ideas and create synergies. These unique events help researchers to master the balancing act between scientific research and giving political advice. And they promote a constructive dialogue between politics and science.

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Who can participate?

The Franxini Project welcomes researchers from all disciplines who wish to constructively contribute their knowledge and concerns to sociopolitical debates – regardless of their background, age, or political views. We place particular emphasis on diverse perspectives and inclusive structures.

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Core Team

Anna Krebs, Project manager

Anna is specialised in participatory group processes and creative collaboration. She is passionate about innovative methods that foster dialogue and co-creation. 

Nicolas Zahn, board member

Nicolas is a humanities scholar who is fascinated by the natural sciences and a political scientist who is especially interested in democracy and digitalisation. 

Marc Hohmann, board member

Marc is an electrical engineer who is interested in mediating between technology, business, and society. He enjoys creating synergies between the electrifying fields of politics and the energy supply.

Advisory Team 

Sabrina Heike Kessler

Expert for science, crisis and risk communication

Estefania Cuero 

Spokesperson of the Swiss Young Academy 

Darius Farman

Researcher in economics and social sciences

Jean-Daniel Strub

Director Wissenschaftliche Politikstipendien

Silvia Maier

Cognitive Scientists and Neuroeconomist

Servan Grüninger

Biostatistician and  Computational Scientist & 

President Reatch

Hannes Gassert

Tech Entrepreneur & Co-founder of CH++

Odile Ammann

Expert in Public Law

Ivan Marijanovic



As a grassroots think tank, Reatch has been advocating for a science-friendly culture for over six years. With the Franxini project, we strengthen this commitment and promote constructive cooperation between scientists and politicians. Thanks to our extensive network of scientists and politicians, we can speak the languages of both politics and science. This enables us to bring together stakeholders from both worlds.

The Franxini project was inspired by Stefano Franscini, a teacher, statistician, publicist, and member of Switzerland's first Federal Council. Born to Ticino farmers, Franscini came from a poor background and early on recognised the central importance of education for the common good. As a politician and scientist, he mediated between those two worlds and was convinced that political activities should be based on reliable information and factual analyses. As a Federal Councillor, Franscini played a key role in laying the foundations for Switzerland’s Federal Statistical Office, establishing what is now the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), and putting into place Switzerland’s first federal administration.

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